Your Roof and Your Property Value

Apr 6, 2020 | Roofing

At Whitt Roofing and Restoration, we do a lot of things for our customers, but one of our main services is keeping roof areas in good condition.

Although traditional shingle roofs tend to predominate in many communities, other types of roofing such as rubber roofs and sheet-metal roofing are also part of our wheelhouse.

In helping all of our customers to protect their homes with adequate and serviceable roofing, we have come to understand that this is an important area of property maintenance. It’s important to educate property owners about the best ways to safeguard their investments in real estate – because your roof protects you!

Why Your Roof Is Important

Essentially, the roof protects the rest of the building from serious kinds of water damage and other cascading problems that may happen over time. Even the smallest leak can cause toxic mold and damage the internal structures of a building.

There’s also the idea of resale value and how your roof affects that. An aging roof with structural problems may seriously devalue the property when it’s on the market.

Matching Roofing to a Particular Property Need

It’s also true that every property is different and has its own needs in terms of care, improvement, and maintenance.

One way that we approach our roofing work is to evaluate how a particular roof serves a property in terms of its size, square footage, style, and value category.

For instance, while a particular kind of shingle or replacement may be good for one category of roofing, it may not be the right choice to maintain a different category that serves a different kind of property. This goes beyond simple style considerations to the kinds of materials that are routinely used for different types of home and investment property construction. We help you to figure it out.

Storm Damage and Roof Repair

We also specialize in evaluating roof areas after storm damage. We can make the connections that are necessary to understand how insurance relates to a roofing repair job. We often consult on what options property owners have when hail, high winds, or other storm impacts damage their properties.

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Our project gallery shows you what many of our successful projects look like when they’re finished. Get testimonials and more to support your research into this type of property maintenance, and call Whitt Roofing and Restoration with any questions. We’re here to help you to make sure that your property has what it needs to be protected through any season.