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Whitt Roofing & Restoration offers a variety of services to our customers in Central Ohio. We have developed a team of skilled professionals that have extensive experience in their fields. We believe that our work and excellent quality customer service both speak volumes to the dedication we have to ensuring we can both simplify the process and exceed expectations for our customers.

Columbus Ohio Family Owned Siding Business

As local homeowners and residents of Central Ohio we understand that sometimes dealing with repairs from extreme weather or maintaining the wear-and-tear on a home can be a headache. It is our goal as a family owned business to make this process as simple as we can for our clients, both ensuring that we provide excellent, professional services for our roofing maintenance, roof repairs, roof installation, gutter repairs, siding repair, and siding maintenance. We believe in providing the best possible services for our community and believe everyone should feel their home is safe and taken care of. If you have any questions regarding our business, services, or want to schedule a free inspection, please reach out to our team.

Siding Repair Services

Whitt Roofing & Repair offers siding repairs and siding replacement services for both residential and commercial properties. While there are durable and long-lasting siding options, wear-and-tear is unfortunately inevitable and home siding will need maintenance at some point. We offer repairs for cracks, moisture leaks, chipping, peeling, and other siding maintenance issues. Our team of roofing and siding repair experts can repair any issue, and offer siding replacement for damage that cannot be repaired. Regular repairs and maintenance always saves homeowners money over longer periods of time, so we always encourage our clients to call for a quote to avoid worsening conditions.

Trained Siding & Roofing Professionals

Our business has been built around the idea that our professionalism and expertise sets us apart. This is true not only because we want to create a positive customer experience, but that our roofing, siding, and gutter work is done by skilled and talented workers. From installation to inspection we pride ourselves on being thorough and making sure every detail is accounted for. Our team of professionals is well versed in repair work, but has the extensive knowledge to understand when a roof, gutters, or siding needs full replacement. We believe that an extensive and thorough inspection of a home is the only way to understand what work needs to be done and give us the best understanding of how to address any installation, replacement, or other services.

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Home Repair & Maintenance Services

Vinyl Siding & Other Materials

The quality and return on investment for vinyl siding makes it an ideal material choice for many property owners. Whitt Roofing and Restoration is a firm believer that vinyl is a strong choice for many reasons. Vinyl offers a more durable material when compared to wood siding, so it requires fewer repairs and less maintenance. Wood siding for a home requires more maintenance and is prone to damage from the climate, rot, insects, and more. Wood siding is generally more expensive and with the greater maintenance required isn’t the best option for most people.

Maintenance Inspections

Our team is thoroughly trained to look for any signs that your roof, siding, or gutters are in need of repair or replacement. We carry out extensive inspections in order to create a detailed list of any damages or maintenance required. If anything is damaged beyond repair, or the cost of the repair doesn’t match the value you’ll get, we will recommend a replacement. We believe that our expertise and true professionalism sets a new standard in home repair and maintenance. Customer service begins with our inspections and we want to ensure every client that they are getting an expert opinion by a professional.

Central Ohio Siding Repair
Common Siding Problems

Home Roof Repair

As your first defense against rain, snow, and other elements the roof needs to be properly taken care of in order to maintain a home. If you’re missing shingles, are experiencing water leaks, or have other issues with your roof call Whitt Roofing & Restoration to schedule an inspection. We will diagnose the problems and create a repair plan to make sure your roof is functioning as it should to keep your home safe.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacements only occur a few times throughout our lives, so working with a professional roofing company ensures that your roof replacement will be installed correctly. When it makes sense to repair a roof we always recommend regular repairs and maintenance to ensure the longevity of the entire roof. At a certain point all roofs will deteriorate to the point where it makes more sense to replace rather than repair them. If you believe it may be time for a replacement, schedule an inspection to have one of our roofers come and execute a thorough inspection of your roof to diagnose if it needs replacing.


Gutters play a vital role in the function of a home exterior. When a gutter functions properly it redirects water away from your home preventing it from potential buildup. Gutters keep water away from the foundation of your home, as well as the siding. If a gutter is in need of a repair or replacement and isn’t working correctly it can cause water damage to your siding or the foundation of your home. If your gutters are causing any issues don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! Having your gutters repaired sooner rather than later could save you a lot of money and the headache of having multiple issues arise. Maintaining gutters helps keep your basement and roof safe from water damage, mold, and mildew. Schedule an appointment for your gutters ASAP if there are any issues occurring.

Seasonal Weather Preparation Services

Staying on top of home maintenance can save you money, especially during certain times of the year. We offer weather preparation services to ensure your roof and siding are in great condition leading into the hot Columbus summers. During the hotter months the extreme temperatures can really exaggerate any issues with your home. We offer an inspection service for weather preparation in order to make sure your home doesn’t have leaks, ventilation problems, issues with roof shingles, gutters, or siding. These issues may seem small, but can have a dramatic impact on your energy bill and the overall efficiency of your home. As experienced roof and siding experts we have seen our fair share of homes that have been neglected and these small maintenance problems can grow into larger repairs that are more costly and take longer to fix.

Insurance Claims Assistance

In this business we have dealt with many insurance companies and have truly developed an understanding of how to navigate their systems. We understand the professess can be aggravating and difficult, so we offer our services to help clients and homeowners with their insurance claims. Our knowledge of the insurance business gives our clients leverage to better position them in situations where insurance companies should be covering certain costs. We will provide thorough proof to the insurance companies to avoid further headaches and to streamline the claim process.

Central Ohio Siding Repair
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Central Ohio Siding Repair

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No matter the type of siding installed on your home, problems can occur. Even the most reliable type or brand of siding can buckle, warp, or show signs of wear that need special attention.


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Central Ohio Siding Repair
Common Siding Problems

Commercial Roofing Solutions

Siding is more than just aesthetically pleasing, it is also a source of protection for your home. Most siding types can handle extreme temperatures, fierce winds, and torrential rains—but sometimes problems occur. If you can spot a problem with your siding early on, you can save yourself from costly siding replacement down the road. But, what kinds of issues should you be looking for?

Warped, Bulging, or Uneven Pieces

Faded Panels

Cracks or Chips

Gaps Between Panels

Water Stains or Mold


Loose Panels

If you notice any of these issues, it’s important to have your siding evaluated by a professional siding installation and repair company, like Whitt Roofing. Our expert siding repairmen have seen every kind of siding damage, and will know just what is needed to have your siding looking brand new in no time!
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