Residential and Commercial Roofing Experts


Whitt Roofing is proud to offer the following contractor services:

  • Roof repairs
  • Roof waterproofing
  • Re-roofing
  • Facility roof maintenance
  • Roof maintenance programs
  • Roof inspections 
  • 24/7 emergency roof repair service
  • Roof escrow work
  • Flat Roofing 

 The roof over your head plays a vital part in preserving the value and safety of your home or business, and a roofer is only as good as the quality of work and the quality of materials used. This is why Whitt Roofing has made great strides to seek out and find only the best and most durable roofing solutions. We also have become certified and approved installers of many of the top roofing manufactures. Building a relationship that not only helps us as roofing contractors but also our customers to get the best possible roof, installed appropriately.  

We are committed to continuing to build our great reputation for excellent quality roofing in Columbus, Lewis Center, Powell, Westerville, New Albany, Gahanna, Blacklick, Hilliard, Worthington, Grove City, Reynoldsburg, Grove City, Marysville, Deleware, Marion, Sunbury, and surrounding areas.

Please contact us today at (567) 876-2266 for all your roofing replacment, roofing repair, flat roofing, leak diagnostic, and rotten wood repair needs in Columbus, OH.

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Residential Roofing Pros

Your roof covers and protects so many things that are important to you: your family and loved ones, your pets and your precious memories...they are all there, right under your roof. And that's why a well-constructed roofing system is vital to protect both the investment you have in your home, and so many of the other things you care about and love in your life.

Residential Tile Roof

If you are re-roofing your home or building a new residence, the contractor you hire for your residential roofing project should understand the investment value your property represents. After all, every roof is different and requires an individual approach. The decision to install a new roof is something you'll probably only make once or twice during your lifetime, and deciding to put your trust in Whitt Roofing is not something we take lightly.

Whitt Roofing is responsible for hundreds of the roofs you see in the local area -- from Columbus to Marysville, Deleware, Mansfield and beyond. Our quality roofing craftsmanship is part of the history and landscape of our community here.

Commercial Roofing Solutions

We work closely with architects, contractors, building owners and property managers to tailor programs to meet our customer's individual needs and then provide the most appropriate commercial roofing solutions. Our crews are highly skilled and carefully trained for each roof application we work with, ensuring consistent and quality installations that adhere to strict manufacturer standards, and often times exceed them.

Whether you need roofing work on an apartment building or multi-family dwelling, a major repair or a facility maintenance program for your building, we are a dedicated team of professionals using the latest techniques and first-rate materials to bring your project in on time and on budget. We will help you to choose the right options while we strive to improve your bottom line, lower your operating costs and maximize the energy-efficiency of your commercial property.

Whitt Roofing is responsible for many of the commercial roofs you see in the local area -- from Columbus to Marysville, Deleware, Mansfield and beyond. Our quality roofing craftsmanship is part of the history and landscape of our local community here

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Residential and Commercial Roofing Repair Specialists

There are a variety of reasons that a roof will need repair or replacement. Often times the first signs of trouble on your roof include things like loss of granules, brittle shingles, curling shingles and dark water stains on your ceiling just to name a few. For repairs, it's vital to be sure that the company diagnosing the source of your roof leak or damage has a long local history of experience and quality workmanship in order to give you an honest evaluation of any work needed.

We are a full-service roof repair contractor and we offer a 24/7 repair and service department with trained technicians ready to investigate and find the true source of your roof leak.

Whitt Roofings' repair experts come equipped and prepared to fix your leak on the spot, but our service doesn't just stop there... Our service team is trained to look beyond the obvious leak area and provide recommendations for improvement to your roof should it need further work or replacement. We can even help facilitate interior damage repair by recommending our preferred interior repair specialists for sheetrock and drywall repair as well as painting, carpet and any other necessary trades you may require.

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