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Expert Roof Repair in Columbus Ohio

Expert Roof Repair in
Columbus Ohio

Finding the right roofing company can be a daunting process, so Whitt Roofing & Restoration aims to simplify the process while maintaining thorough work and professionalism with each roof repair and replacement, whether it is due to damage from a storm, an older roof in need of maintenance, or an upgrade on an existing roof to improve its efficiency. Our team continues to offer roofing estimates and consultations free across every service we provide, and we offer our assistance to make the process of filing an insurance claim as easy as possible for both home and commercial roof work. Our team of expert roofers work closely together to provide excellent quality service for the greater Columbus Ohio area. Our roofing company is owned and operated as a family business and is proud to have our roof work on display across Columbus in many neighborhoods. We offer roof repairs, roof inspections, roof waterproofing, roof maintenance programs, re-roofing, and service both roofs, sidings, and gutters for our clients.

Ins & Outs of Professional Home Roof Repair

While some homeowners may be able to apply a simple roof repair, we encourage people to have a professional roofer come inspect your home and take a closer look at any damage that has accrued. One of our experienced team members has the knowledge to identify roof leaks, signs of great wear and tear, storm damage, and more, and an inspection will give them a chance to check for mistakes on a previous repair replacement, or installation jobs. During a typical home inspection we will inspect material damage, interior damage, and structural damage. Our team is trained to notice slight sagging or uneven surfaces across the roofing as clues to structural damage. They will make note of subtle signs of material damage like stains, rust, seal gaps, and more. And finally, during roofing inspections we take extra precautions by doing a walkthrough of the interior of the home to identify any potential water stains, mold, or other signs of rot that could indicate a roof repair is necessary. As a Columbus based roofing company we have first hand experience of the harsh seasonal weather conditions and understand that quality of work makes an enormous difference. Having created a team of certified and top roofing manufacturer approved installers means that both the quality of materials and work will protect your home or workplace, but also increase the overall value of the property.

Ins and Outs of Professional Home Roof Repair
Full Roof Replacement

Full Roof Replacement

As a homeowner, having a secure, solid roof that you can trust will hold up and provide peace of mind is crucial. When working as it should, the roofing of your home doesn’t just keep water out, but helps retain the value by diminishing potential weather damage over time, and helps keep your home as safe as possible. Important signs that indicate it is time to get an inspection for a replacement vary, but missing shingles, multiple leaking sites, and rising energy bills are all clear signs that a professional should look over the roofing on your home. We look carefully to diagnose the problems and provide an honest and thorough assessment. Your roofing is the first line of defense and protects your property from the harsh Ohio elements. A roof replacement is one of the larger financial decisions one makes for their home and typically a decision someone will only make one or two times in their lifetime. A roof replacement isn’t something we take lightly, and if you are experiencing issues that may indicate a replacement is necessary, or possibly just an intense repair, our company will arrange a thorough inspection to ensure we provide the best services for your particular roof.

Storm Damage and Seasonal Weather Preparation

As experts in roof repair and replacement in Columbus Ohio, we have seen our fair share of damage due to severe weather. Storm damage can occur from many forms of severe weather including snow, hail, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and more. In some cases this damage may not leave you with a leaking roof immediately, but the damage can lead to other leaks and issues as time goes on. When dealing with roofing damage we encourage property owners and managers to reach out shortly after the damage has occurred so we can offer a proper inspection and damage assessment right away. In the event that the storm damage is covered by your insurance we will help you along the process to make sure it is as painless as possible. Damaged roofing can result in water and other elements leaking into your home causing more significant damage, so it is best to have this sort of damage repaired quickly. If you’re unsure about whether your home is damaged please contact a professional roofer who has been trained in roof safety and will perform an inspection safely minimizing your risk of injury. A damaged roof is not always safe to walk across, but our team of professionals can spot the signs and navigate the rooftop through their inspection without risk.

Storm Damage and Seasonal Weather Preparation

Preparing for Seasonal Weather

Living through the harsh winters and intense summers, homeowners have a good understanding of how important insulation is to a home. We highly encourage roof inspections leading into the Spring for a variety of reasons. Winter storms are known to cause damage to roofs, and often the damage goes unnoticed until it becomes an issue later on. A qualified roofer will be able to create a proper assessment for repairs and maintenance to make sure your roof is providing the proper insulation and coverage. Cracks and deteriorating shingles can lead to leaks that will lessen your protection from the intense Ohio Summers. We will make sure every client’s home is protected to stop future issues from arising and help to make homes more energy efficient.

Repairing Residential Roofs

Repairing Residential Roofs

Initially simple signs of a decaying roof are brittle shingles, or shingles breaking apart, leaks in the home, or existing darker water stains on the ceiling. As a part of our thorough process we complete a detailed inspection of your roof to ensure we have a full understanding of what issues are causing each specific problem. Initiating a repair job without properly diagnosing a roof means that the problem may persist after repairs have been completed, so we never cut any corners to ensure we’re providing the best service to our clients. We believe every customer should feel comfortable reaching out to professional, local roofers for their expertise whether the homeowners are experiencing minimal symptoms, or have established that a larger issue needs attention. Our professional team will provide an honest and thorough evaluation of the state of your roof and any repairs that are necessary.

Repairing a Commercial Roof

Professionalism for our team of roofers goes beyond just understanding our trade. We work with building owners, architects, property managers, and contractors to provide the exact service and solution each client requires to keep their roofs in top condition. We follow a professional standard to ensure that every install is of the best quality. We are certified and approved by some of the best roofing manufacturers for installations and often exceed those standards. We work with commercial properties all over the Columbus area; reach out for an inspection or quote today.

Repairing a Commercial Roof

Scheduling an Inspection with Whitt Roofing & Restoration

Our team has repaired and maintains hundreds of roofs in the greater area. If you’ve noticed some signs of damage, have had leaking or other issues, or haven’t had your roof inspected in over a year our team is ready to complete a thorough assessment and provide a quote for any work needed to get your roof in the best shape it can be. Reach out to Whitt Roofing & Restoration for any roofing repair, leak diagnostic, rotten wood repair, or roofing replacement needs in the greater Columbus area.

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