Troy Whitt, Owner of Whitt Roofing and Restoration | Roofing Industry Expert

Troy Whitt

Owner of Whitt Roofing
Roofing Industry Expert

Troy began his journey into the roofing industry when he was 17 years old when he starting working for a major national roofing company. He spent time in the field in both Central Ohio and North Carolina. He immersed himself in the industry to learn everything about the trade. There were many things in that company he loved, but also saw areas where there was room for improvement. Once he learned the insides and outs of roofing, he started his company “Whitt Roofing and Restoration LLC”. As the new company developed and grew, he searched everywhere to find the very best project managers, roofing crews, and techs that are now the staple of our company. Much time has also been spent testing a large variety of the products on the market. Which means aligning with the very best manufacturers that stand behind their product. We believe that every roof we install should be rock solid. Thats why we offer a true lifetime warranty on our roof replacement workmanship, and only work with manufacturers that offer lifetime warranties to our clients for product performance. He believes that the foundation for his company should not just be the quality of installs themselves, but also the ability to stand behind that workmanship and follow up after the job is completed. Another crucial component he learned is constantly adapting and testing new innovations that come to market. When he is not running his business, he enjoys spending time with his family and going to the gym.